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From license suspension to jail time, DUI, OUI, and DWI convictions can carry steep penalties for Massachusetts drivers. Even after required sentences have been served, alleged offenders may find it difficult to find work or housing. Fortunately, these and other consequences can be avoided with assistance from the right law firm. Consider working with Padula & Associates, P.C., an acclaimed Massachusetts firm with a long track record of success. Peter E. Pedula will patiently guide you through the complexities of Massachusetts’ criminal justice system and provide the zealous advocacy needed for a favorable case resolution.

DUI and OUI Consequences in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, driving under the influence is often referred to as OUI, or operating under the influence. There is no mandatory minimum jail sentence associated with first-time OUI charges, but alleged offenders may face lengthy periods of house arrest. Those who opt for alternative sentencing can avoid both jail and house arrest, but must spend a year under probation. Additionally, numerous fines and fees accompany OUI sentences, with some offenders paying several thousands of dollars.

The consequences of DUI and OUI charges also extend to the road, with sentenced offenders barred from driving for 180 days. After the second offense, license suspension extends to a full three years. Additionally, second-time offenders must either spend thirty days in jail or fourteen days in alcohol treatment centers.

24D Disposition

Some Massachusetts DUI and OUI offenders are eligible for the alternative disposition program, otherwise referred to as 24D disposition. This alternative approach allows for a much lighter sentence, including up to ninety days of license suspension and participation in a mandatory alcohol education program. For second-time offenders, 24D disposition is only an option if the first offense took place over ten years ago.

Padula & Associates, P.C.: Trustworthy DUI Defense

If you have been charged with an OUI, DUI, or DWI, it is imperative that you reach out to a trustworthy criminal defense attorney. The right lawyer can help you avoid the worst repercussions associated with these charges. Depending on the nature of your case, you may be able to achieve a case dismissal or a not guilty verdict. Look to Padula & Associates, P.C. for results-driven service as you seek to remain on the road and out of jail.