Massachusetts Felony and Misdemeanor Attorney

At Padula & Associates, P.C. we work hard to defend our clients against a whole range of criminal offenses. In addition to drunk driving charges, we’ve also defended clients charged with domestic violence, drug violations, theft and assault and battery charges. We’ve also helped families who have a juvenile family member charged with a crime. We also provide defense services for those charged with various white collar crimes including fraud.

Why You Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Many people believe if they are arrested on DUI charges or other misdemeanor charges and know they’re guilty the best option is to plead guilty and take their chances. Too often, this results in their not securing a criminal defense attorney. This is a bad move because this almost certainly ensures you will be facing the maximum penalty for the crime. Regardless of whether you know you’re guilty or how minor the charge is, a criminal defense attorney should be contacted.

When you work with your attorney it is important to make sure you tell them everything; this is important because the prosecutor will dig for information and they are liable to turn up something that can be harmful to you in court. Only if you tell your attorney everything leading up to your arrest can we defend you and be prepared for anything the prosecutor has to offer.

A criminal defense attorney will help protect your rights and make sure you get the best possible legal representation. If you’re facing criminal charges anywhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the first thing you need to do is call Padula & Associates, P.C. at 508-726-9717.  We have been providing residents of Massachusetts criminal defense services for more than 80 years. Don’t risk your freedom or foolishly go to a preliminary hearing without representation.